Southern Mantis Training Philosophy

Southern Mantis is an internal art and at SMMAA we strongly emphasise this aspect. Training seeks to unify each component aspect of the body and unify it for any single purpose, be it striking, stepping blocking or seizing. Importance is placed on the use of intention and relaxation with focus on different aspects of the body for development. This method of training allows correct development of “live” shocking power which can be curtailed and negated by overly stiff training. Power is further developed and augmented through the training of internal “gungs” which are traditionally well kept secrets within the style.

Much of the training involves abstract concepts and as a result the training path is far from easy. The student who trains hard but does not understand and apply these concepts will find that their progress will plateau and ultimately hit an unpassable ceiling despite being dedicated enough to train for many hours. Cerebral effort must be applied in training to train correctly so that students learn and understand about themselves both on a superficial physical level and at an internal structural level in order to progress.

There are different ways to train with different interpretations championed by different masters. This is part of the natural evolution of any martial style. As a result, with the strong emphasis on the internal aspect of training, the training at SMMAA may seem relatively soft in comparison to other southern mantis schools but at SMMAA we feel that in order to develop the correct body methodology, the pursuit of, and concentration on, the internal aspect of training achieves the optimum results.