Southern Mantis Martial Arts Association (SMMAA) was founded in 1996 by Sifu Mark Leung and the late Si Gung Man Sek Wing.

It aims to continue to pass down the art of Southern Praying Mantis using traditional methods of teaching and follows the interpretation of the art by the late Si Gung Man Sek Wing with focus on both the healing as well as combat aspects of the art. Emphasis is placed on teaching in small groups where bespoke, direct personal tuition can be given to all students. Intermediate and advanced students are also encouraged to help all beginners.

Traditionally, Chinese martial schools uphold a family structure with all students considered brothers and sisters to each other. At SMMAA we are keen to continue this culture as it allows a relaxed friendly environment allowing students to express their own personalities which is more conducive to progress both on a martial and personal level

The common image of a regimented, subservient and tense atmosphere is not what the association aims to achieve. As a Chinese martial arts association, we seek to continue a tradition of hard training within a family-like friendly atmosphere that is typical of traditional Chinese martial culture.

Training can be intense with each class lasting up to 2-3 hours in duration. However, knowing that the pressures of modern living can mean that such a commitment is difficult, students are allowed to be flexible within the training schedule.