Sifu Mark Leung

Sifu Mark Leung is a 6th Generation Southern Mantis Kung Fu teacher, and has studied Traditional Chinese Kung Fu from a very young age.

Having trained in other kung fu systems but was always in search of a deeper system in both internal and external aspects. He discovered Southern Mantis Kung Fu in the late 1980’s and was attracted to its directness, the devastating power behind the techniques, plus the preservation of “Loi Gung” (special training sets which are now very rare).

Sifu Leung began training in the Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis system, and finally received the opportunity and privilege to train under Si Gung Man Sek Wing at Si Gung Man’s Shatin school. Sifu Leung became a “Closed Door” student of Si Gung Man, and has been teaching students of Southern Mantis in the UK since 1996. Under the tutelage of Si Gung Man Sek Wing, Sifu Leung was trained in many deep aspects of Southern Mantis Kung Fu, not only for self defence, but also strengthening the body, treatment of various physiological issues, and other traditional methods developed to improve posture and body structure. Psychological and emotional develop also play a role in training and self cultivation. Sifu Leung promotes Southern Mantis Kung Fu and teaches Traditionally, as it was passed down to him from Si Gung Man Sek Wing.

SMMAA currently has branches in West London and Singapore. Sifu Leung is 6th Generation Sifu of Southern Mantis Kung Fu, and Chairman of SMMAA.