Si Gung Man Sek Wing

Si Gung Man Sek Wing is a genuine Kung Fu Treasure, possessing a staggering depth of knowledge in Chinese Internal Martial Arts and Chi Gung.

Si Gung Man Sek Wing has been dedicated to the study of Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu for over 40 years, beginning his training under the late Great Grand Master Yip Sui (Ip Shui) of the Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis System in 1964.

Si Gung Man Sek Wing officially began teaching Southern Mantis Kung Fu in the 1980s; in 1993 Si Gung Man began teaching the Southern Mantis System in Sha Tin, teaching the system to local Hakka village people – essentially bringing the system “home”.

Si Gung Man Sek Wing’s teachings focus heavily on the deep internal side of the Southern Mantis system, using the hidden and deeply effective training methods (gungs) and other Chi Gung (qigong) methods to develop extraordinary power, and to treat a wide range of health issues. But it is not only Si Gung Man’s depth of knowledge and understanding that warrants a deep level of respect; it is the fact that he is a very kind, very humble and very generous man demonstrating a level of Self Mastery that serves as an inspiration to the entire SMMAA family.

In 2008 Si Gung Man was diagnosed with terminal stage 3 lymph cancer and sadly passed away early 2011