Southern Mantis Martial Arts Association (SMMAA) was founded in 1996 by Master Man Sek Wing and Sifu Mark Leung.

In the Southern Mantis Martial Arts Association, Chow Family Praying Mantis is practiced as has been taught by Sifu Mark Leung and the late Sigung Man Sek Wing.

Southern Mantis is characterized by development of explosive short shocking power expression through internal training with fast hands, heavy arms and aggressive footwork. There is a greater emphasis towards hand techniques with firm rooting and a stable platform developed from training to allow fast, fluid and relaxed striking.

The aim of the association is to continue passing down the art of Southern Mantis Kung Fu using traditional methods of teaching. Emphasis is made on teaching in small groups where direct and personal tuition from the Sifu can be given to all students, not just seniors. Students are also encouraged to help each other’s progress, with advanced and intermediate students helping beginners learn in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with students allowed to express their own personalities.

Two-person training exercises are most commonly employed to develop power and the correct body methodology which, when trained correctly, focus on tendon development, skeletal flexibility and core stability. There are often unmentioned benefits from such training besides developing a strong body physically and internally. Relief from musculoskeletal issues such as those associated with flat feet, muscular lower back pain and joint alignment are frequently noted by affected students, giving a unique healing aspect. Correct training, ultimately will provide an exponent with a strong healthy body that will enable them to stay strong and maintain their independence and mobility even in their advanced elderly years.

Training can be intense but the common image of a regimented, subservient and tense atmosphere is not what the association aims to achieve. Instead, a friendly and family-like one with si-hing and si-dai training together is thought to be more conducive to progress both on a martial and personal level.


Main London (UK) School with Sifu Mark Leung

No.63, 63 Bayswater Road,London,W2 3PH

Tuesdays: 8:30pm – 10:30pm

Thursdays: 8:30pm – 10:30pm

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